All supporting, contractual and operational documents for working with Enel in procurement, supply and services. You can find them by searching or by following the links to the category pages.

WeBUY Manuals

Here you can learn about all the manuals related to the use of the services offered by WeBUY.

WeBUY - Comprehensive Manual: How to become a Supplier
PDF (5.35MB) Download
WeBUY - Tax data validation guidelines - EN
PDF (0.08MB) Download
WeBUY - On Boarding
PDF (1.88MB) Download
WeBUY - Merchandise Group Selection
PDF (0.94MB) Download
WeBUY - Multiuser Management
PDF (0.99MB) Download
WeBUY - Supplier - Modification Personal Data
PDF (1.17MB) Download
WeBUY - Communication channels in the qualification phase
PDF (0.51MB) Download
WeBUY - Consortiums qualification process
PDF (0.45MB) Download
WeBUY - Update offices to qualify
PDF (1.23MB) Download
WeBUY - Final result of the Qualification process consultation
PDF (1.55MB) Download
WeBUY - Legal Questionnaire
PDF (0.51MB) Download
WeBUY - Technical Questionnaire
PDF (0.6MB) Download
WeBUY - Supplier self assessment Supplier response - EN
PDF (1.24MB) Download
WeBUY - Qualification Renewal Questionnaire
PDF (0.47MB) Download
WeBUY - Forms Completion
PDF (0.51MB) Download
WeBUY - Bidding Group management (TGC)
PDF (0.68MB) Download
WeBUY - Supplier response to the RFI
PDF (1.43MB) Download
Supplier response to Auction - ENG
PDF (0.68MB) Download
WeBUY - Contract Management
PDF (0.48MB) Download
WeBUY - Contract Plans Management Supplier
PDF (1.64MB) Download
WeBuy - Electronic signature of the contract
PDF (0.44MB) Download
WeBUY - Focus Digital Signature of the contract
PDF (0.24MB) Download
WeBUY - Supplier Performance Management
PDF (1.6MB) Download
SPM - Regulation incentive actions 2021 - ed.2 (EN)
PDF (0.74MB) Download
Priority GM GPG
XLSX (0.02MB) Download
Priority GM GIN
XLSX (0.01MB) Download
Access to other systems from WeBUY
PDF (0.96MB) Download
GLASSDOOR - Supplier
PDF (0.71MB) Download

MLM - Supplier Manuals

Below you will find the MLM (Material Lifecycle Management) Manuals, Enel Grids S.r.l.'s material supply management system.


MLM TSM Supplier User Manual V01
PDF (0.94MB) Download
MLM TCA Supplier User Manual (UK) V5
PDF (5.34MB) Download
MLM CMD – Supplier User Manual
PDF (4.89MB) Download
MLM QCA Supplier User Manual (UK) V6
PDF (3.74MB) Download
MLM MSH Supplier User Manual (UK)
PDF (3.91MB) Download



General Contract Conditions.


Health, Safety and Environment. These are sustainability issues to which the Enel Group assigns primary importance.


European Economic Area.


Terms and Conditions.


Material Lifecycle Management. A portal dedicated to Enel Group Suppliers, which can be accessed from the WeBUY platform.


Components and Materials Defect. A specific module of the MLM portal.


Quality Control Activities. A specific module of the MLM portal.


Technical Conformity Assessment. A specific module of the MLM portal.


Technical Specification Management. A specific module of the MLM portal.

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