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All the support, contractual and operative documents for working with Enel in tenders, supply and services. You can use the search or the links to the category pages


If unavailable in your language, consult the English version

WeBUY - Comprehensive Manual: How to become a Supplier

PDF (3.75MB) Download

WeBUY - On Boarding

PDF (0.99MB) Download

Access to other systems from WeBUY

PDF (0.39MB) Download

WeBUY - Merchandise Group Selection

PDF (0.53MB) Download

WeBUY - Technical Questionnaire

PDF (0.43MB) Download

WeBUY - Legal Questionnaire

PDF (0.37MB) Download

WeBUY - Forms Completion

PDF (0.57MB) Download

WeBUY - Qualification Renewal Questionnaire

PDF (0.55MB) Download

WeBUY - Multiuser Management

PDF (0.56MB) Download

WeBUY - Vendor Response

PDF (0.8MB) Download

WeBUY - Contract Management

PDF (0.46MB) Download

WeBUY - Electronic signature of the contract

PDF (0.45MB) Download

Glassdoor – Supplier Manual

PDF (0.55MB) Download

WeBUY - Supplier - Modification Personal Data

PDF (0.53MB) Download

Access to 2One Digital Tenders in WeBUY

PDF (1.26MB) Download

WeBUY Online Tenders

PDF (1.3MB) Download

WeBUY - Consortiums qualification process

PDF (0.49MB) Download

WeBUY - Temporary Company Group

PDF (0.66MB) Download

WeBUY - Update offices to qualify

PDF (0.43MB) Download

Software Configuration for Digital Signature and Timestamp to certificate-based signature

PDF (0.78MB) Download

Digital Signature Documents in 2One Online Tenders

PDF (0.48MB) Download

MLM TSM Supplier User Manual V01

PDF (0.94MB) Download

MLM TCA Supplier User Manual V1

PDF (3.99MB) Download

MLM CMD – Supplier User Manual

PDF (4.89MB) Download

MLM QCA Supplier User Manual V1

PDF (2.11MB) Download



General Contract Conditions.


Health, Safety and Environment. These are sustainability issues to which the Enel Group assigns primary importance.


European Economic Area.


Terms and Conditions.


Material Lifecycle Management. A portal dedicated to Enel Group Suppliers, which can be accessed from the WeBUY platform.


Components and Materials Defect. A specific module of the MLM portal.


Quality Control Activities. A specific module of the MLM portal.


Technical Conformity Assessment. A specific module of the MLM portal.


Technical Specification Management. A specific module of the MLM portal.

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