We create value together

This is our approach


Our target is to create value in its various forms, adopting a sustainable business model

Enel Global Procurement today means a sustainable supply chain, circular economy, digital innovation and sharing our values and targets with our Suppliers.

From the perspective of partnership, we involve Suppliers from the very first moment that an internal need becomes apparent and we share their proposals to develop innovative paths, to strengthen integration and communication with the Stakeholders. This allows us to define solutions than can exhaustively meet the needs of the business, in line with the Group's Open Power vision.

We draw on innovative technologies, which increase the professionalism of Buyers, recognising the contribution of all parties within a multicultural environment based on trust and passion.

That's Global Procurement and that's our Mission.



Our values

Sustainability, innovation, ethics, transparency, health, safety, fighting corruption, human rights.
That's what we work towards every day.

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The tool that's our map and compass in achieving our Mission.

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Global Procurement is organised according to a matrix structure in order to share experience and specific skills. This allows us to respond quickly and appropriately to meet every need.

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