Specific skills and business integration

Enel has equipped itself with a Global Procurement function featuring an organisational structure made up of Global Procurement Units – to promote standardisation, optimisation and value creation for the types of procurement common to all the geographical areas in which Enel operates – and Country Units for other procurement types.

The result is a matrix organisation: all procurement units, both global and country, are connected to the business structures to permit solid integration and collaboration between the requesting units and Enel procurement units.

An additional benefit is the management of procurement procedures with well-defined responsibility and governance, in complete safety.

The Global Procurement Units

These units are responsible for accepting requests from the Global Business Lines of the Enel Group and developing procurement strategies on a global scale:

  • Global Infrastructure and Networks Procurement
  • Global Power Generation Procurement
  • Global Digital Solutions Procurement
  • Enel X Procurement

The Country Procurement Units

Their presence in the territory allows these units to identify, collect and analyse procurement requirements in detail. This enables the creation of effective strategies and plans tailored to specific local situations.

  • Procurement Iberia
  • Procurement Italy
  • Procurement Romania
  • Procurement Argentina
  • Procurement Brazil
  • Procurement Chile
  • Procurement Colombia
  • Procurement Peru

The Staff Units

The matrix organisation is completed through a further two Staff Units, which manage and support the procurement units in terms of Global Procurement systems and processes.

The Global Procurement Governance and Suppliers Management unit manages the Suppliers Register and defines and updates the processes, procedures and Contract Standards. This is achieved through the promotion and consolidation of best practice initiatives and by seeking the best opportunities on the market with a view to innovation and the involvement of new suppliers.

The Global Procurement Digital Hub unit guarantees the development and management of the technology and system platform to support Procurement.

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