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1. Registration

The first step in becoming one of our suppliers is to register your company on the WeBUY platform.
You can then begin the qualification process, consult the tenders and qualification notifications from the Group, take part in tendering, manage contracts, submit invoices and check the performance appraisals for your company.

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2. Qualification

The Qualification process permits the selection of suppliers that meet the essential requirements for collaborating with the Enel Group, in keeping with our values and strategic vision.
There is a single supplier qualification system for the whole Enel Group and it takes the form of assessing the technical, economic/financial, environmental, safety, human rights, legal, ethical and reputational requirements for the company.
Qualification is specific to the Merchandise Groups (MGs) for which each company proposes its supply. It may be local or global depending on the individual MG and is valid for five years.

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3. Taking part in the procurement process

Enel procurement procedures are digital. This allows the process to be optimised, from the perspective of simplicity, transparency and a reduction in paper: WeBUY allows our suppliers to exchange all documentation digitally while guaranteeing its security and legal validity.

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4. Invoicing and Enel VAT Group

Sending invoices in electronic form via the Webuy Portal allows you to reduce transfer times and to activate the immediate registration process, using the information contained in the digital path. It is possible, at any time, to explore the processing status of the documents sent. In addition, from January 1st, 2021, Enel established the "VAT Group" for Group Italian companies.

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Enel VAT Group

5. Supplier performance appraisal

Enel Group suppliers are subject to a constant evaluation process. This allows us to continuously monitor the performance of our contractors, make decisions to resolve criticalities, encourage improvement and reward excellence.

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Need help?

If you have a problem on the path to becoming a supplier, request assistance immediately from our contact centres. Search for your contact among the Enel Global Procurement telephone numbers available worldwide.

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