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A differentiated process based on your business and risk level

Enel qualification is a process of checking the companies that wish to be on the Enel Suppliers Register.

In order to confirm their suitability, the companies are subject to checks to ensure that they meet the qualification requirements for the Merchandise Group involved: technical, economic, financial, environmental, safety, respect for human rights, legal, ethical and reputational.

You need to register your company on WeBUY to consult the requirements for each Merchandise Group.

Based on your business

After registering on WeBUY you will have to identify:

  • the merchandise groups for which your company proposes its supply 
  • and the geographical area in which it intends to operate.

For certain Merchandise Groups only, payment of a qualification contribution is envisaged, which varies according to the company's turnover:

  • €1,500 with a global turnover of up to €1 million
  • €2,000 with a global turnover between €1 million and €5 million
  • €3,000 with a global turnover of more than €5 million

The amount of VAT is 22% for undertakings established in Italy. For undertakings not established in Italy, the corresponding VAT rate for the country of residence must be applied.

Where envisaged, the qualification contribution must be made by bank transfer. The transfer is valid (and no others therefore need to be made) for all qualification requests (new, renewals and extensions to other merchandise groups or countries, individual or associated qualification) made within 5 years of it.

There are simplified qualification paths for two types of company

  • New Innovative Firms, established fewer than 10 years ago, with up to 100 employees, retained earnings and a business model deemed innovative by an internal Evaluation Committee
  • Industrial Groups who wish to qualify for certain Merchandise Groups.

Based on the Merchandise Group risk level

The qualification requirements and assessment process vary according to the level of risk (high, medium or low) associated with the Merchandise Group. The risk factors are assessed according to technical complexity, safety, environment and compliance. This results in three different paths depending on the risk.

  1.   FAST TRACK for low-risk Merchandise Groups Fast process based on online questionnaires and self-certification. In some cases, this may also involve in-depth checks and assessments on site.
  2.  STANDARD for Merchandise Groups where at least one of the risk levels is medium Process based on online questionnaires, self-certification and document checks. In some cases, this may also involve in-depth checks and assessments on site.
  3.  ADVANCED for Merchandise Groups where at least one of the risk levels is high Process based on online questionnaires, self-certification, document checks and in-depth checks and assessments on site.

Once qualification is achieved, the suitability decision is considered valid for five years. Enel reserves the right to check that the requirements are met every year. 

Watch the video: Registration Qualification Supplier

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WeBUY - Complete manual: How to become a supplier

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WeBUY - Consortiums qualification process

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WeBUY - Focus on Merchandise Group selection

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WeBUY - Focus on technical questionnaire

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WeBUY - Focus on legal questionnaire

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WeBUY - Focus on completing questionnaires

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WeBUY - Final result of the Qualification process consultation

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