A process which vary depending on your business activities and Enel's needs

Enel's Qualification is the process of vendors screening to determine those that will become approved suppliers.

For each defined Merchandise Group (category of supplies, services, works) minimum requirements are established for the following areas:

  • Technical;
  • Economic-Financial;
  • Environment;
  • Health & Safety;
  • Human Rights;
  • Legal;
  • Ethics


Based on your business activities

After your registration on WeBUY (our Procurement Portal) you must identify:

  • the merchandase groups that your company is willing to offer (goods services works);
  • the countries where your company may supply such goods services works (for local Qualification).

If the selected Mercandise Group is defined as Global, a process of Global Qualification will be performed and the supplier will be qualified to supply the relevant merchandise group in all Enel's countries of operation. 

There are simplified Qualification Paths for two types of companies:

  • New Innovative Firm, companies in the business for less than 10 years with not more than 100 employees, not distributed profits and a Business Model evaluated as innovative by an evaluation committe of Enel;
  • Industrial Group, limited to Qualification on merchandise groups related to Supply of Goods.


Based on the Merchandise Group risk level

the Qualification requirements and the related evaluation process, vary upon the level of risk (high, medium, low) associated to the merchandise group.

The risk level is estabished based on technical complexity, safety, environment and compliance.

There are three differt Qualification Paths which cover the differnt risk levels.

  1. LEAN for merchandise group with Low risk
    is a fast process based on online questionnaires and self-certification. it may includes also checks and on site evaluations..
  2. BASIC for Merchandise groups with at least one risk factor at medium level. 
    is a process based on online questionnaires, self-certification and verification of documents. it may includes also checks and on site evaluations.
  3. ADVANCED  for Merchandise groups with at least one risk factor at high level.
    is a process based on online questionnaires, self-certification, verification of documents and checks and on site evaluations.

The Qualified status it last 5 years. Enel may annually verify if the requirements are still satisfied.

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WeBUY - Complete manual: How to become a supplier
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WeBUY - Consortiums qualification process
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WeBUY - Focus on Merchandise Group selection
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WeBUY - Focus on technical questionnaire
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WeBUY - Focus on legal questionnaire
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WeBUY - Focus on completing questionnaires
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WeBUY - Final result of the Qualification process consultation
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