Merchandise Groups

The categories of goods, services and works in which we operate

To qualify and get on the Enel Group Suppliers Register, you first need to identify one or more Merchandise Groups (MGs) in which you intend to operate.

Enel has categorised all the activities for which a contract may be drawn up into different Merchandise Groups.

Some Groups feature qualification at the level of the individual geographical area because there are Local requirements. The most strategic groups and of interest for all units of Enel Global Procurement involve qualification at a Global level instead.

After registering on the WeBUY platform, you can see the requirements (technical, legal, economic, financial) for the individual Merchandise Groups.

The attached "List of Enel Merchandise Groups" document contains the complete list of Merchandise Groups with an active qualification process.

There are two ways to find the area that interests you.

  1. If you have direct knowledge of the MG code, simply filter the MG code column with a specific search.
  2. If you do not know the MG, you can filter the "Scope", then "Family" then "Class" columns. The result will be a restricted list of Merchandise Groups potentially of interest to your company.

To consult the Qualification Notifications published in the Official Journal of the European Union, you can go to the following website.

In order to make it easier to search for the Notifications published in the Official Journal of the European Union, we recommend that you read the information in the attached "Qualification Notifications List" file.

Do you want to know if purchases or tenders are scheduled in the Merchandise Groups of your interest?


List of Enel Merchandise Groups
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Qualification Notifications List
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WeBUY – Focus on merchandise group selection
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