About WeBUY

The digital Enel Global Procurement platform 

Once you're registered on WeBUY you can:

  • consult the specific requirements for each Merchandise Group
  • find information on the procurement procedures (tenders, qualification notifications, etc.)
  • begin and complete the qualification process
  • renew an expiring qualification
  • consult the tenders and notifications for all procurement procedures
  • take part in procurement procedures
  • manage contracts
  • send invoices
  • consult the appraisal of your performance as Enel Group supplier
  • access Glassdoor for a complete overview of your data such as qualifications status, tenders in progress, active and expired contracts, your evaluation and invoices payment status.

Registering on the integrated WeBUY platform means that you can also access the other systems Enel uses, such as Invoice Management and 2One Online Tenders for the contracting procedures managed on that platform.

In particular, for Italy only, you can access the functions of Web-EDI for sending e-invoices. See the attachment for further details.

The WeBUY platform was launched in November 2019, with the target of becoming the centralised system for managing all procurement procedures. Given the global dimension of the Enel Group, the transition from the previous systems to WeBUY will be completed in 2020 (though it is already possible to access the other systems from WeBUY).

The complete manual for registering, accessing and using the WeBUY platform is attached to this page.

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Electronic Invoicing Italy: Web EDI (only for Italy)
PDF (0.06MB) Download
WeBUY – Complete manual: How to become a supplier
PDF (5.35MB) Download
GLASSDOOR - Supplier
PDF (0.71MB) Download

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