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Enel makes procurement procedures in progress public, issuing tenders. Each tender specifies the details that will assist Suppliers so that they can take part in the individual procedures and prepare a quote. 
In this section, Enel also makes the Procurement Plan, available for consultation, the main tenders expected to be launched in the quarters indicated.

Procurement Plan

Enel publishes its expected Procurement Plan, in order to describe and provide information, which is not binding on Group Companies.


Tenders published in compliance with the relevant regulations in force. You can consult the tenders on WeBUY.

Expression of Interest Notices

This section contains the "Expression of Interest Notices" relating to future negotiated procedures that Enel Group will call for the awarding of contracts

Technical Support Services for the execution of the activities related to Enel Grids’ Zero Ambition strategy

Enel Grids s.r.l.
Deadline: 23/02/2023 - h 17:00

Operation and maintenance Services of ENEL's photovoltaic systems in Italy

Enel Green Power Italia srl
Deadline 27/06/2022 - 12:00

Technical Support Services for sustainable business models development within Global I&N perimeter

Enel Grids S.r.l.
Deadline: 24/05/2022 - h 12:00

Technical Support Services for Sustainability Integration within Design, Construction and Operation of grid infrastructure

Enel Grids S.r.l.
Deadline 24/05/2022 - h 12:00


Find out about all the opportunities that Enel makes available for its supplier companies.

Supplier Development Program

The transformation of the energy system, alongside the digital revolution, entails changing and evolving the way works are performed and how goods and services are supplied. It also means suppliers are essential partners to achieve sustainable progress across our operating footprint.

Companies that stimulate their suppliers to commit to sustainability and circular economy will also be able to better quantify, and then reduce, the total impacts generated.

That’s why we have launched, in 2020, the Supplier Development Program aimed at supporting suppliers growth while, at the same time, contributing to achieving our strategic objectives. The program is currently in place in the countries where we operate to facilitate the just transition to a decarbonized economy providing access to certain services (financial, educational, managerial skills, advisory) , with a specific attention to local small and medium enterprises and their people.

These range from financial instruments that can facilitate access to liquidity, to managerial and technical training programs that promote the conversion of the business, from consulting services on sustainability, circular economy, strategy, M&A and internationalization, to access to catalogs of electric transport and working machines, all the way to services to obtain certifications. Particular attention is paid to initiatives to support the conversion and diversification of businesses, consisting of periodic meetings with individual traditional generation companies to support them in their processes of growth and redevelopment towards expansion in areas such as renewables or new services related to energy efficiency.

If you are a supplier operating in Italy, with a head office or branch in Italy, go to the Programme Italy.

If you are a supplier operating in Romania, with a head office or branch in Romania, go to the Programme Romania.

If you are a supplier operating in Spain or Portugal, with a head office or branch in Spain or Portugal, go to the Programme Iberia.

For all the other countries in which Global Procurement operates, the supplier development programme is not yet active at the moment.

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