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Enel publicizes current procurement procedures by publishing calls for tenders. Each call for tenders specifies details useful to Suppliers in order to participate in individual procedures and to formulate a bid. 

In this section Enel also makes available for consultation the Procurement Plan, the forecast of the main tenders to be launched in the quarters indicated.

Procurement Plan

Enel publishes the forecast of its Procurement Plan for descriptive and informative purposes, which are not binding on Group Companies.

Calls for Tenders

Calls for tenders published in accordance with the relevant regulations. You can view the Calls for Tenders on WeBUY.

Expression of Interest Notices

This section publishes "Expression of Interest Notices" related to future procedures that Enel Group companies will hold for the awarding of contracts.

Technical support services for the production of HD videos and information documents viewable on electronic devices and printable

Technical specification

Enel Grids s.r.l.
Deadline 22/02/2024 - 16:00

Supply and interfacing of the Central Plant Controller device (CCI) in the plant

Enel Grids S.r.l.
Deadline 21/02/2024 - 17:00

Supply of Smart Meters - Proyecto de implementación de la Infraestructura de Medición Avanzada, Enel Colombia

Enel Colombia S.A. ESP.
Deadline: 19/01/2024 - h 17:00

Technical Support Services for the execution of the activities related to Enel Grids’ Zero Ambition strategy

Enel Grids s.r.l.
Deadline: 23/02/2023 - h 17:00


Find out all the opportunities that Enel makes available to its supplier companies.

Supplier Development Program

The transformation of the energy system, coupled with digital transformation, brings about a change and evolution in the way work is performed and goods and services are delivered, and makes suppliers essential partners to make sustainable progress in the entire environment in which we operate.

Companies that stimulate their suppliers to commit to being sustainable will also be able to better quantify, and even decrease, the total impacts generated.

That is why, in 2020, we launched the Supplier Development Program to support the growth path of supply chain companies and, at the same time, contribute to the achievement of the Group's strategic objectives. To date, the program is active in the countries in which we operate in order to facilitate the right transition to a decarbonized economy by giving access to a range of services (economic, training, managerial skills and consulting), with a focus on local small and medium-sized companies and the people in them.

These range from financial instruments that can facilitate access to liquidity, to managerial and technical training programs to encourage business reconversion towards energy transition, from consulting services on sustainability, circular economy, strategy, M&A and internationalization, to access to catalogs of transportation and work machinery, and services for obtaining certifications. Particular attention is paid to initiatives to support business conversion and diversification and consisting of periodic meetings with individual traditional generation companies aimed at accompanying them in processes of growth and upgrading to expanding areas such as renewables or new services related to energy efficiency.

If you are a supplier operating in Italy, with headquarters or a branch in Italy, go to Supplier Development Program - Italy Program.

If you are a supplier operating in Spain or Portugal, with headquarters or a branch in Spain or Portugal go to the Supplier Development Program - Iberia Program.

For all other countries in which Global Procurement operates, at present, the Supplier Development Program is not yet active.

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