How to Register on WeBUY

And begin a process of collaborating with the Enel Group

To register your company on the WeBUY platform, you need to create a company profile and a user account to manage it.

Integration with the database of an Info Provider will make it quick to enter the details of the company and you will only have to check that the information shown is correct. Alternatively, you can enter the details yourself.

To complete Registration, you will have to accept the Procurement Rules, which govern the use of the online services that can be accessed through the platform.

Attached to this page are:

  • the specific chapter of the WeBUY manual on the registration phase
  • the instructions for creating other accounts associated with the same company
  • guidelines to edit the records data of the company and the user ID, after the registration

Creating additional accounts allows you to have other people use WeBUY on behalf of your company, letting you choose which aspects of the procurement processes each user can see and manage.

Ready to register?

Watch the video: Registration Qualification Supplier


WeBUY – Focus on registration
PDF (1.88MB) Download
WeBUY – Focus on multiuser management
PDF (0.99MB) Download
WeBUY – Modification Personal Data
PDF (1.17MB) Download
WeBUY - Consortiums qualification process
PDF (0.45MB) Download

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