Qualification Process for New Innovative Firms

To pursue sustainable growth together

Enel pays a great deal of attention to New Innovative Firms. These are companies with particular organisational and economic characteristics that represent a business model deemed innovative. We have developed a specific qualification process for them.

The commitment of Enel to an Open Innovation philosophy means that it is very interested in Start-Ups: in our eyes, their modern approach to doing business and solutions to invest in make them a vital source of energy to drive innovation.

Innovation is a key element in our strategy and business culture. Being open to cutting-edge models, methods and technologies in order to compete on the market and offer our clients excellent service is a vital component of our Mission.

From this perspective, Start-Ups are key to the future, the ideal partners in interpreting our market, approaching it with rapid, dynamic tools and boosting it with ideas marked by concrete development potential.

In order to maintain this competitive advantage, we have developed a specific qualification process at Enel for New Innovative Firms, companies less than ten years old, with up to 100 employees, retained earnings and an innovative business model, as determined by an internal Enel Evaluation Body.

Thanks to the synergy between Innovability and Procurement and the new way of collaborating with suppliers, Enel is transforming all innovation into sustainable development and industrial growth projects.

In order to put your ideas and projects forward, we recommend that you access the Open Innovability platform.

Here, you first need to register then, depending on the information received from the Enel Innovability Team, start on your path to qualification, accessing the WeBUY platform from the Enel Global Procurement Portal.

Watch the video: Qualification Process for New Innovative Firms

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