Invoicing to companies of the ENEL Group

Also in invoicing, Enel adopts digital tools, and where allowed by the legislation of individual countries, adopts electronic invoicing.

Invoicing through digital channels allows a strong automation of the accounting registration process, and allows to make available to suppliers the updated situation of each document issued, as well as a wide report that satisfies every information need.

To achieve these objectives, it is essential that the supplier, in addition to the fiscally necessary data, transmits a minimum set of information, as specified in the General Conditions of Contract and in the Annexes of the individual Countries - billing and payments section.

See what this information is right now!

By registering in WeBUY Portal, you will be able to access the sections dedicated to billing, where you will find the tools that will allow the sending of invoices in every format and you will have access to all the information related to registration and payment. These sections are already available for Italy, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Cile, USA, Canada, Brazil and Peru, while in the other countries where Enel is present they will be introduced gradually.

Country Electronic invoicing dashboard
Italy (WeBUY) Select: WebEDI
Spain (WeBUY) Select: DRAPE
Colombia (WeBUY) Select: DRAPE
Mexico (WeBUY) Select: DRAPE
Cile (WeBUY) Select: DRAPE
Canada (WeBUY)
Select: DRAPE
Brazil (WeBUY) Select: DRAPE
Peru (WeBUY) Select: DRAPE
Other countries Not available at the moment

And once you send your invoices, you access Glassdoor: in addition to the information related to tenders and contracts, you will find the situation of all your invoices issued to the Enel world. You can consult a summary dashboard by month, or get an Excel file with details of your situation.


Web EDI - EN
PDF (5.7MB) Download
Electronic Invoicing Italy: Web EDI (only for Italy)
PDF (0.06MB) Download
PDF (1.95MB) Download

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