Health and Safety in procurement processes

Published on Wednesday, 30 November 2016

“In fact, starting from the Qualification System, our partners are subject to a rigorous verification process with strict requirements in terms of accident rates, organization, training, employee personal qualifications, procedures to manage Health and Safety processes and monitor individual protection equipment and devices.”

The new Health and Safety evaluation system with be introduced in 2017; it will be the same for all companies Globally, and will extend the Health and Safety requirement evaluation to all Merchandise Groups. 

Attention will focus in particular on high-risk Merchandise Groups: in addition to the analysis of the documentation and accident data, it will include surveys of the company premises and operative sites, to assess thoroughly all working environments. 

“Within the Vendor Rating system, designed to monitor supplier performance, the Safety rates affect significantly a company’s overall performance: the health and safety standards of the company must be in line with ours.”

Health and Safety are not just requirements, they are at the basis of the relationship with suppliers and therefore they are included in the General Contract Conditions, which identify a number of obligations that contractors must meet.

Violations involving Health and Safety will trigger specific sanctions that may lead to a suspension, the cancellation of the contract or have a substantial impact on the Vendor Rating index.

We focus on finding contractors that can guarantee the best health and safety standards at work and involve all external actors in multiple initiatives to provide information and promote health and safety, in order to raise their standards.

For example, One Safety, to which our suppliers may adhere by signing the Memorandum of Understanding and providing their company data, is a project that aims to monitor workers in order to promote and encourage safety and correct behaviours that may cause potential risk, in the most effective way.  

A better future comes from a Healthier and Safer present for everyone.