Procurement Manifesto

The nine principles that direct our work

The Open Power cultural approach is reflected in our management of Supplier relations.

Global Procurement has been promoting a global strategy to maximise value creation in all its forms since 2017: safety, saving, time, quality, performance, revenues, flexibility, cash flow and risk reduction.

The target is to improve the overall experience for all parties involved.

This strategy is illustrated in the Procurement Manifesto, an instrument considered map and compass for our journey together.

Let's take on a central role for the business

By actively contributing to the creation of value, recognised by the business and measured using newer and more effective metrics.

Let's strengthen our integration with the business

By constantly interacting with the business, by fully understanding our customers' needs and providing guidance on what, when and where to buy to our business.

Let's act with an entrepreneurial mindset

By keeping up with economic and geopolitical changes, by expanding our competencies and by constantly, and constructively reevaluating the status quo, operating as though the company were ours. 

Let's bring in our personal experience as buyers

By drawing on our private purchasing experiences, can we change Enel's approach to procurement?

Let's enlarge our supplier horizon

By carefully listening to their proposals, by constantly scouting regardless of sector or geography, helping local suppliers grow and expanding their range of action.

Let's prepare for anything

By responding promptly to sudden but predictable changes and remaining flexible in unexpected situations. 

Let's make the most of new technologies

By improving data quality and making information sharing faster and easier. 

Let's aim for excellence

By aiming to become a benchmark in the utilities sector. 

Let's have fun while working!

By creating a workplace together that encourages everyone to express their potential, where working and having fun are two sides of the same coin. 

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