“The digital format allows to optimise tender procedures making them simpler, more transparent and reducing the number of paper documents required. ”

Users’ certified identities and the guaranteed integrity of the documents exchanged provide a high level of security, which is also supported by the fact that the interaction between Enel and its Suppliers and all exchange of information takes place in a single structured environment.

The documents that typically require Digital Signature include:

  • Call for Tender/Request for Proposal and Contract (digitally signed by Enel's Representative)
  • Proposal/Certified Proposal (digitally signed by the supplier’s legal representative)
  • Contract Acceptance Letter (digitally signed by the supplier's legal representative)


Consult the manuals to take part in a Digital Tender

Access to 2One Digital Tenders in WeBUY

Digital signature of documents in WeBUY

WeBUY - Manual on how to become a Supplier