Contractor Safety Partnership

Contractor Safety Partnership is an Enel initiative intended to create strong involvement from the Group's suppliers in terms of exchanging best practices, with the specific goal of working together to develop business processes which guarantee increasingly high safety standards.

The key concept is to achieve close collaboration between the Group and its suppliers: i.e. sharing the objectives of Quality, Health and Safety, and the Environment, during both the assignment and the supply operations.

In other words, right from the tender stage our contractors must comply with the 'HSE TERMS' document, which governs the obligations of contractors in relation to Health, Safety and Environmental issues. Likewise in the operative phase of the collaboration, where the procedures adopted include on-site inspections, coordination meetings and evaluations of Contractor Safety Assessments, all aimed at evaluating the supplier’s Safety management system from all points of view, including cultural and leadership skills. Various formal occasions involve the joint operational and managerial levels of Enel and its suppliers and subcontractors, featuring moments of open and constant dialogue.

The dedication to safety applied in such meetings makes it possible to strengthen the sharing of the Supplier's safety performance... an aspect already monitored by Enel through precise indicators which, starting from objective field results, are now evolving towards an improved preventive logic.

Safety performance indexes

Contractor Safety Index (CSI)

The Contractor Safety Index (CSI) is calculated on the basis of both the results of on-site inspections and the severity of eventual injuries. 

The Contractor Safety Index (CSI) is available on Glassdoor, present on the home page of the WeBUY platform


To find out more, go to our 5.Suppliers’ Performance Assessment section.


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