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We maximise value creation in all its forms

Welcome to the Enel Global Procurement Portal

The age of Sustainable Procurement

We are following an ambitious sustainable development model which can offer advantages for everyone.

To put it into practice it is necessary for the entire chain of our suppliers to share our commitment for sustainability at all levels. It is in this context that we evaluate aspects related to health and safety, environment, ethics and human rights as reward factors for the contractors that work with us.

In the relationship with our suppliers we are promoting a new cooperative joint effort to maximise the economic, productive, social and environmental advantages, taking inspiration from a circular economic model that combines innovation and sustainability.

This portal is the starting point of a path toward sustainable growth with the Enel Group.

Become a supplier

From registration to tendering in a few simple steps

It's easy to start collaborating with Enel. Here you can find the information you need to do so, step by step. To start, register on our WeBUY platform.

Tenders in progress and procurement planning


All the support, contractual, and operative documents

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