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Welcome to the Enel Global Procurement Portal

Message from the Head of the Global Procurement

Welcome to the Global Procurement Portal

This portal is the only access point to start a business relationship with the Enel Group.

Here you can find our values, our organisation and any news about our initiatives, how to join us and even more consult the Enel Procurement plan to obtain information about the main tenders planned in the countries where we operate.

If you are interested in working with the Enel Group, please refer to the sections that provide information and a video guide for the steps of registration, qualification and participation in tenders through the new WeBUY procurement platform. From WeBUY it is possible to access also other tools such as Glassdoor, which  enables you to have a full overview of your relationship with the Enel Group (active qualifications, tenders in progress, performance indices, contracts, guarantees and updates on payments and invoices).

And most important of all, it’s the starting point of our journey together!

Welcome aboard!

Salvatore Bernabei

Become a supplier

From registration to tendering in a few simple steps

It's easy to start collaborating with Enel. Here you can find the information you need to do so, step by step. To start, register on our WeBUY platform.

Tenders in progress and procurement planning


All the support, contractual, and operative documents

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