WeBUY | Focus points on key features that can be used during a procurement process


Knowing how to use the features made available in WeBUY is important to simplify activity in a tender process and improve interactions with Global Procurement.


For this reason, we report below some of the main features in the system.



This area, present in both the PPR and the Contract, allows you to communicate with buyers and have all exchanges tracked in the system.

Once an invitation to participate in a tender has been received, the Messages area will be active by default and usable on both the buyer and supplier side.

In the event that technical integration is required, this can be requested by the buyer through the "Messages" area.

Both buyer and supplier can view the messages received in the last 30 days within the different events directly from the reference widget in the WeBUY dashboard.



In the PPR, it is possible to view in the "Attachments area" the documents, either in folders or as individual files, uploaded by the buyer.



It is possible to configure a reply, using the "Download Questionnaire in Excel" feature or by directly entering data into the system within each envelope (administrative, technical, economic).

Using the "Download Questionnaire in Excel" functionality, it will be possible to provide a response to the PPR offline by filling out an Excel file. It will be possible to submit responses for all envelopes configured in the PPR (administrative, technical, economic).

It is also possible to configure the response related to Sustainability Data, similarly using the "Download Questionnaire in Excel" feature or by directly entering data into the system.

Finally, it is possible to upload within the individual envelopes (administrative, technical and economic) documents using the "generic attachments area," if the latter has been enabled by the buyer.  Once the file to be uploaded has been selected, if uploaded correctly it will appear viewable within the Generic Attachments Area section.


For more details on the features listed above, please consult the specific manual published in the Global Procurement Portal::