Enel Machineries and Spare Parts for sale

On 22/06/2016 Enel has started the sale process for Machinery and Spare Parts.

Machineries on sale are Steam and Gas Turbines, Generators, Transformers and other equipments (pump, valves, compressor, HV/MV switch, LV/MV Motors, Coal Crushers, fans, conveyor belt and spare parts, automation systems).

ENEL assumes that the Machines and Spare Parts are fit for further use by which it expects the offers to include a fair value.  The Machinery and Spare Parts will be sold under their actual state and condition without any additional services, warranties or other activities by or liabilities for Enel.

Machinery and Spare Parts are stored in ENEL’s power plants as indicated in detailed list attached.

More technical and commercial details are available in "Tender Data Room".

All Companies/Companies Group interested in the process and to have access to " Data Room",  must send a communication of interest to procurement.enel@enel.com, with object  "ENEL machineries and spare parts for sale" and information listed below:

  • Company information (annex  A);
  • Module A personal declaration of certification (annex B);
  • Module B personal sworn declaration (Annex C);
  • Declaration in lieu by legal representative of "Chamber of Commerce  enrolment certificate” and, for Italian company, "Certificate of registration in the Register of Companies kept by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Artisans and Agriculture"; for foreign companies, declaration and   equivalent  document  valid in the country where is the registered office ( Annex  D);
  • Declaration in lieu of "Company Structure or individual structure" (Annex E);
  • Declarations about “Ethical Clauses” (Annex F);
  • For Italian Companies "Antimafia self-Declaration" (Annex G) ;
  • Confidentiality Agreement (Annex H)
  • Declaration of honourability (Annex I)
  • Company balance sheets or extracts from balance sheets last three years. Alternatively. intermediaries can provide the financial information of the last three years of the end users.

All requests from potential competitors will be evaluated by tender committee on the basis of the provided information in the communication of interest; Further to Committee analysis a formal communication of admission or a documents integration request can be sent by the tender committee.

Companies deemed suitable will be admitted to " Data Room" system, will be able to request site visit, to examine the selection of Machinery and spare parts on sale and, eventually, to submit a technical and economical offer by Tender System (AES). The system is open for offers without a fixed deadline; Machinery and spare parts will be on sale until their availability.

The Machinery and Equipment list will be updated regularly.

ENEL reserves the right to integrate, modify, terminate and annul the above process at any time.


Machinery and equipment list

Communication of interest - Annex