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Procurement Process

And the digital tools that Enel provide you with for taking part

For greater simplicity, transparency and use of sustainable tools in relations with suppliers, Enel is aiming towards completely digital processes, also through the use of integrated platforms to support the procurement process in its various phases.

Examples include the exchange of electronic documentation through WeBUY, virtual visits to plants, Electronic Signatures for signing contracts and the organisation of online workshops before tendering.

In compliance with the national regulations of the countries in which it operates, Enel adopts procurement processes

that involve the supplier directly in the following main phases:

  • Receipt of Request for Quotation
  • Preparation and sending of Quote
  • Potential negotiation phase
  • Awarding
  • Signing the contract

In order to take part in the procurement processes initiated by an Enel Group company, it is necessary to register on WeBUY first and undertake the qualification process.

Acceptance of the Procurement Rules (see attachment) is also mandatory. These govern the use of the online services available on the WeBUY platform.


WeBUY online tendering

PDF (1.3MB) Download

Procurement Rules

PDF (0.2MB) Download

WeBUY - Complete manual: How to become a supplier

PDF (3.75MB) Download

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