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Obligation to update 20 sustainability data items for all qualified suppliers - ROUND 2


We are activating a second round in order to allow you to update your sustainability data as of 2020.

We recall you about two very important aspects:

  1. You only need to update 20 items, as we simplified the sustainability questionnaire. Estimated time to fulfill the questionnaire is 45 min.
  2. The update is mandatory in order to be confirmed as Enel Qualified Supplier

In the coming days you will receive an email from WeBUY with the link to access the Campaign page. Alternatively, each supplier can access through his own WeBUY home page. We remind you that only the master user will be able to access this Campaign.

The Campaign will be active from June 9th, 2021 and until July 9, 2021.
We invite you to update your data within this window.