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Enel wins in the ‘Talent & Development’ category at the World Procurement Awards 2020


At the World Procurement Awards, a prestigious event organized by Procurement Leaders, the association that gathers 750 among the best world corporations, Enel was competing in four categories and won the top position in the 'Talent & Development' category.

The award is linked to the development of the 'Talent Swap' program in the field of procurement. As the jury stressed in the award motivations: 'Enel's innovative progress has contributed to strengthen a new generation of procurement professionals. This was attained by introducing a Procurement school, Job shadowing and a program named 'Talent swap'. Enel has designed a holistic strategy to develop talents – the motivations read – to help the company stand out from the crowd when next-generation procurement stars need to be developed'.

'Commonly recognized as a leader in sustainability – the jury wrote in a note – Enel has focused on creating value shared at corporate level and committed to challenge the suppliers to do the same. The heart of the program, however, was the desire to provide opportunities for progressing both vertically and horizontally to whoever works with the procurement organization. In addition, the company has committed to international mobility, hard skills and personal growth. An essential element herein is the collaboration with the suppliers to provide opportunities for professional development. Enel also offered to its employees with top potential the possibility to access grants to study at prestigious academic institutions. This is a holistic approach, which is diversified and greatly effective to develop talents and sets Enel apart and ahead of all the others,' the jury concluded.

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