DRAPE, in Iberia, is already open


Changes from 2One

Drape can be used by any provider, whether it has a digital signature or not. You should only be registered in Webuy and to have informed the email in the profile of the provider or issuer of the invoice well informed.

The access to Drape will be through the WeBUY portal. 


The first access to Drape could cause a load of all the billable entries for each provider, so the first time the system will need a few minutes before working with it. In the following accesses, the data will be available and only new information will be added.

The billing regulations state that the vendor is responsible to reporting the tax associated to the invoice, so you will see a new screen for selecting the rate.

The invoices must be signed one by one, in the next version the massive signature will appear.

In order to sign invoices you must be an issuer, otherwise you can see them but not sign.

Inside Drape and in Global Procurement Plaza you will find the documentation to help you in handling the Drape tool, (?) , as well as illustrative videos of the process.

You must use Google Chrome for the best use of the tool


The migration of existing invoices has not been carried out in 2One, so it is enabled in query mode for a few months to be able to extract the past invoices. Extraction of historical information is recommended to all providers


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