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Supplier Development Program - A path to growth and sustainable development


In line with what was announced during the Supplier Days, the Enel Group is promoting a path of growth and sustainable development together with suppliers, in order to make its Supply Chain more solid, better-performing and more innovative.

We are pleased to launch the “Supplier Development Program” initiative, aimed at all small and medium sized suppliers with development potential, operating in areas of strategic interest to Enel, whose performance is regarded as adequate based on objective and transparent criteria; the initiative pursues the objectives of Safety, Sustainability and Innovation in line with the group’s strategic guidelines.

The Supplier Development Program offers an ecosystem of opportunities to foster your growth and development as a supplier, giving you access to financial, training and advisory services that will be delivered with the collaboration of industry leaders.

The Program will take place in several phases, the first of which will involve Italian suppliers; the selection of participants in the first phase will be based on data from the Supplier Performance Management system as at 31 March 2020.

For more information and further details about the Program, please see the Supplier Development Program Regulations attached below.

Supplier development Program, a commitment, a responsibility, a choice!



Supplier Development Program Regulation

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