The shape of progress is Circular


Circular Economy is an economic model in which there is virtually no use - or in any case an extremely reduced use - of virgin raw materials. A fully sustainable model, focused on innovation and environmental protection, where companies and individuals manage to reinvent standard production practices and economic flows.

The adoption of Circular Economy is strongly encouraged by the European Union and all the players working to address environmental challenges such as global warming, local atmospheric pollutants, landfills, marine waste. But the Circular approach does not stop at facilitating environment protection: its benefits are tangible in terms of competitiveness, growth and job creation.

New technologies and digital transformation play a key role in Circular Economy and support energy specialists in achieving more effective, competitive milestones. Enel, already a member of the UN Global Compact and active in the global effort to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, pursues the application of Circular Economy principles and practices and invites its contractors to do the same, when applicable.

To encourage this shift, the Global Supplier Management and Development Unit presented a kick-off workshop about the “CIRCULAR ECONOMY INITIATIVE FOR ENEL SUPPLIERS ENGAGEMENT” project with 30 key suppliers at global level.

The event was held at Villa Lazzaroni, in Rome, with an opening speech by Salvatore Bernabei, Head of Enel Global Procurement. During the workshop, suppliers and Enel professionals shared their ideas, expertise and vision: a dialog that is meant to continue and provide virtuous insights to all the parties involved.