Update to Qualification Procedure


All the Contractors are hereby informed that new rules have been introduced that completely modify and replace those given in the Qualification Notices published until now in relation to each Merchandise Group requiring qualification.

These new dispositions are already in force and concern the sum amount of the bank transfer required for access to the qualification process as well as other pertinent conditions.

The new rules are listed below:

  • Where so envisaged, the bank transfer is only made for "local" qualifications in Italy and Spain and, in the case of "global" qualifications, only if Italy and/or Spain are included among the selected countries of interest.
  • For Industrial Groups, the foregoing rules apply to branches requesting qualification for these two countries.
  • The bank transfer is valid (and, therefore, no other transfer is necessary) for all qualification requests (new, renewals and extensions to other merchandise or country groups, qualification as single or associate) made within 5 years of same.
  • For the purposes of the foregoing, transfers made as of 1 January 2018 are considered valid.
  • The sum amounts to be paid by suppliers and contractors for qualification are as follows:

- 3,000 euros if overall turnover (last available financial statements) is more than 5 million euros;

- 2,000 euros if overall turnover (last available financial statements) is more than 1 million euros but less than 5 million euros;

- 1,500 euros if overall turnover (last available financial statements) is less than 1 million euros.

- (+ VAT is 22% for companies established in Italy)

- For companies not established in Italy, the application of the corresponding VAT rate must be made in the country of residence.



"Local" qualifications means qualifications having a "local" value which can therefore be used for contractual activities to be carried out in the country selected at the time of qualification (e.g. a contractor which requests qualification in a "Local" Merchandise Group (MG) for Italy may only be called for contracts in Italy).

"Global" Qualifications (International) means those having a global value and which therefore concern all Countries where Global Procurement is operative. Example: a contractor with qualification in a global Merchandise Group (MG) may take part in tenders whose contractual activities might take place in more than one country (e.g. Italy, Chile, etc.)