Human Rights

Published on Monday, 21 November 2016

Our commitment to Human Rights

The protection and respect of individuals have always been pillars of Enel’s work culture.

“In its role as a global leading company, Enel is aware of the need for clearly defined guidelines on how to support and protect Human Rights in all its dealings and along the entire supply chain, adopting principles and processes that must be consistent, but at the same time adaptable to the specific local contests in which it operates.”

For this reason, in 2013, a specific Policy, , inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and by the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights has been issued, and approved by the Board of Director of each Enel’s subsidiary. The document completes and integrates a number of regulations already in use, such as the Code of Ethics, the Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan and Model 231.

The policy applies to work-related activities and to the relations with the local communities, and involves anyone collaborating with the Enel Group, including suppliers. 

“In particular, Enel and its suppliers commit to opposing all forms of discrimination, abuse, forced labour and child labour, corruption attempts, limitation of union membership and privacy violations.”


The application of these principles is verified directly by Enel, by involving the stakeholders who can report any irregularities to our Audit system, even anonymously.