In compliance with the tenth principle of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, based on which “businesses should work against corruption in all its forms”, the Enel Group intends to pursue its commitment to fight corruption, in all its forms, both direct and indirect, by applying the principles set out in its Anti-Corruption Management System, founded on the following pillars:

i) the Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan;

ii) the Code of Ethics;

iii) the Criminal risk prevention models implemented based on the applicable law regarding corporate responsibility in the various countries in which the Group operates (e.g. Organisational Model 231 for Italian companies);

iv) the Enel Global Compliance Program, a governance tool for non-Italian subsidiaries designed to reinforce the moral and professional commitment of the Group and reduce the reputational risks related to corporate criminal liability.

The Anti-Corruption Management System of Enel spa and the main (Italian and foreign) companies of the Group is certified according to, and conforms to the international best practices set forth in ISO standard 37001:2016.

The Anti-Corruption Policy implemented by the main companies of the Group in conformity with the ISO 37001 international standard is particularly geared towards the pursuit of the following general objectives for preventing and fighting corruption:

  • upholding a strict ban, in conformity with the applicable law, on behaviour can be classified as acts of corruption or attempts to commit acts of corruption; 
  • punishing any behaviour not in line with the Anti-Corruption Policy, in compliance with the applicable laws and procedures;
  • establishing an independent Conformity Function invested with the authority to pursue the prevention of corruption;
  • raising the awareness of its employees and training them on topics regarding the prevention of corruption, also with reference to reporting any relevant conduct, by providing the tools for reporting behaviour not in line with the principles regulating the management of the relative company processes


The text of the Anti-Corruption Policy implemented by Enel Italia is illustrated below.