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Drape News – GoLive Information


Notice to vendors

From next July 6 DRAPE will open, first rollout in Endesa and subsidiaries, scope Iberia


  • The 30th of June 2One will be closed, it will not be possible to create more invoices.
  • If any invoice is pending authorization due to a change in the vat code, the System will remain available for 3 days.
  • No more sending email invoices! Drape can be used by any vendor, even without a digital signature. You only need to have an up to date email address in the vendor profile or in the profile of the invoice sender.
  • The access to Drape will be through WeBUY Portal. There will be a direct access link to Drape on the website and it will not be necessary to register, so all providers with access to WeBUY will have access directly to Drape: https://vendoraccess.enel.com/login-en.html
  • In WeBUY you will find the documentation to help you in handling  the Drape tool, as well as illustrative video of the process.

For any questions you can contact our contact center.


There will be no invoice migration from the current 2One to Drape. 2One will be enabled in query mode for a few months to be able to extract the past invoices, so it is recommended for all vendors to manage their pending invoices, as well as the extraction of historical information if necessary.

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