WeBUY | Global Warming Potential (GWP)

GWP Form Templates Update



​In order to better collect CO2 emission data, the following changes have been introduced to the GWP form templates of supplies and services:


GWP form Supplies

  • Reduction in the number of sheets (from 20 to 10)
  • "Unit" column has been renamed "KPI unit of measure"
  • "Answer Type" column has been renamed "Functional or Declared Unit" with drop-down menu and has been moved before the "Upstream" column
  • The "Product" column has been renamed "Product Type description"
  • The "Material Code" column has been added
  • In the Guide sheet, the note on Material Code was changed by adding: "Enel Material code (if available) or product serial number"
  • The totals columns (total to grave - total to gate) have been unlocked to allow the supplier to fill them in manually


GWP form Services

  • The "Protocol information" column description of ISO CFP and Self declaration has been changed.

The updates listed above can be found in the manual published on the Global Procurement portal in the documents section "WeBUY - Sustainability and Circularity Form.


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