Está disponível na WeBUY, a nova Enel Procurement Suite


WeBUY, the new Enel Procurement Suite, is available from today, 11th of November.

In this occasion, we would like to highlight some relevant topics:

  • The access to WeBUY is allowed, on Enel Global Procurement Portal (, through the Vendor Access area (in line with the past). 
  • Any new qualification request or renewals must be managed in WeBUY
  • To complete on-going qualifications on RFQ you can use the link “RFQ - Old qualification system”, available on WeBUY homepage.
  • To participate to on-going tenders on Ariba Sourcing (the previous system that, for a transitional period, will be alongside WeBUY) is available the link "2One On Line Tenders" on WeBUY homepage.
  • To participate to procurement processes on WeBUY for Enel Green Power Greece and/or Enel Green Power Central America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama) you will directly access the Sourcing module on WeBUY itself.
  • All contracts created in WeBUY (for Enel Green Power Greece and/or Enel Green Power Central America) must be signed electronically on the platform: the electronic signature functionality is embedded into WeBUY. If handwritten signature is required by local legislation, the contract will be signed in both ways.
  • Additional links on the WeBUY homepage will allow access to other systems (2One Invoicing Management, Web EDI, ...).

WeBUY will continue evolving and there will be several waves during 2020 to implement the Sourcing module in all Enel group societies. We will inform you each time a new country will be in!

In the Documents section of the Enel Global Procurement Portal, you will find several users guide to help to you use the platform.

Please contact our HelpDesk in case of doubts or issues.

Welcome to WeBUY!