WeBUY | CO2 emission data and Material Passport in the system

Elimination of GWP and Material Passport Form excel files and request of the data directly in the system.  


Sustainability and circularity data required in tenders have been revised and simplified and they will no longer be required through GWP and Material Passport templates, which were eliminated in WeBUY.

These data have merged within the K 2.4 2.5 5.11 and Requirements 2.25 5.9 5.11, consequently if expected in the tender, will be requested directly in the technical envelope, through sections and conditionalities, which will facilitate the supplier in the response phase.

The methods for collecting the data can be found in the specific manual published on the Global Procurement portal in the document section "WeBUY - Sustainability and Circularity Data" which explains in detail how the supplier, following a request from the buyer should upload the data to the system.

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