WeBUY | Material Passport Form

A new feature is now available in WeBUY that allows to collect circularity data during the procurement activity


In order to integrate the themes of Sustainability and Circularity in all purchasing processes, a new functionality has been released in WeBUY: the Material Passport Form, which allows to collect circularity data, through the request of:

  • the Self Declaration in accordance with ISO14021;
  • the compilation of the template with the quantity of recycled/reused and recyclable material for each product.

The new methods of collecting certifications and data are reported in the specific manual published on the Global Procurement portal in the WeBUY documents section “WeBUY – Sustainability and Circularity Form” that explains in detail how the supplier, following the request by the buyer in the RFI, PPR and/or Contract phases will have to upload the data into the system.


For further information the Suppliers can refer to the following contacts in Enel for these issues:

-        GPG (Global Power Generation): Barbara Biasetti - barbara.biasetti@enel.com

-        EX (Enel X): Marco Nardecchia - marco.nardecchia@enel.com

-        GIN (Global Infrastracture & Network): Andrea Greco - andreamara.greco@enel.com; Giovanna Di Tano  giovanna.ditano@enel.com

-        GDS (Global Digital Solutions): Federica Plaja -  federica.plaja@enel.com