WeBUY | Global Warming Potential (GWP) Form

A new feature is now available in WeBUY that allows you to collect data related to EPD, CFP, LCA certifications


In order to integrate the themes of Sustainability and Circularity in all purchasing processes, a new functionality has been released in WeBUY: the Global Warming Potential (GWP) Form, which allows to collect:

  • The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certifications and the completion of the relevant questionnaire containing the main environmental impact indicators.
  • ISO CFP 14067 product certification and relevant CO2 emission value.
  • Life Cycle Assessment or self declaration (if EPD and ISO 14067 are not available) and relevant estimated CO2 emission value.

The new methods of collecting certifications and data are reported in the specific manual published on the Global Procurement portal in the WeBUY documents section “WeBUY – Sustainability and Circularity Form” that explains in detail how the supplier, following the request by the buyer in the RFI, PPR and/or Contract phases will have to upload the data into the system.

For further information the Suppliers can refer to the following contacts in Enel and to LCE, Enel's partner company for these issues: