Green Pass obligation in Italy


Following the release of Italian Legislative Decree 127/2021, all employees of companies operating in Enel sites (contractors and subcontractors) will be required to possess, and upon request to exhibit Green Covid-19 certification (Green Pass) at entry to offices and / or Enel installations.

Employees found without this certification will be denied the access company offices and / or workplaces, while this obligation should not be considered applicable to workers exempted from vaccination,  thanks to medical certification released according to criteria of the Italian Ministry of Health guidelines.

The Green Certification will be requested directly by  Security staff contracted by Enel in the manned Enel sites, while for those  unmanned, this check will be executeddirectly by the employees of the contractor/subcontractor, who shall send a daily report with cumulative data of the controls and related feedbacks to their ENEL contractual references on weekly basis

However, Enel reserves to make direct, random checks on workers to Enel access gates.

We are confident on everyone's collaboration to continue together on back to normality road.