MLM-News module 'Material Shipping' (MSH)


In the framework of materials supply chain digitalization process, Enel is implementing in all Infrastructures & Networks  Countries, the Material Lifecycle Management (MLM), the first suite for the integrated management system for technical specification, defects and warranties monitoring,  passing through TCA and quality control phase,  to reach further on to shipment, storage and installation on the field up to component end of life.

We inform that from next 4th December. Colombia, Chile, Peru and Spain are going to begin with the “material shipping” MSH module (This module now is in Italy and it’s currently being rolled out). Whit this module the suppliers will be able to:

Con MSH i fornitori saranno in grado di:

  • Enter the ENEL schedule an appointment to delivery materials on the platform or by direct flow (delivery to PDI/DEC/).
  • Upload of attached documents associated with the delivery
  • Validation of shipping requests and results

To enable other users to a specific module, please contact us at:, specifying you Company CUI. 

The user, you will made the request for, shall be registered to the Global Procurement Portal before being  enabled to the MLM system.

Please note that you can consult the interactive guide to the MSH module available in the community (supplier access) by accessing the following link:
Select "Video Tutorial" from the menu


To receive any support you might need, you can write us at the following e-mail address: for MSH assistance