The Enel X platform for empowering SMEs to develop their business    


The experience of Enel X plus the expertise of selected reliable partners: here comes ECOSISTEMA IMPRESA, an advantage for Small and Medium Enterprises. Small and Medium Enterprises constitute the driving force behind the Italian economy. For them, Enel X has created a major new ecosystem designed to revolutionise their approach to business development.

ECOSISTEMA IMPRESA is the name of the platform created by Enel X, through its subsidiary PayTipper, to support all companies that intend to optimise business processes and establish a growth path. In other words, it’s a connector between businesses and intelligent technologies, for SMEs who wish to manage their activities in an innovative and increasingly digital way, while discovering new development opportunities.


An integrated solution

The ECOSISTEMA IMPRESA platform is based on three pillars: assistance, guarantees and innovation. The assistance of a huge company like Enel X, teamed up with smaller companies; the guarantee of selected and reliable partners, ensuring a 100% safe service; the innovation of latest generation tools, to make processes smarter and more powerful.

Ecosistema Impresa starts by offering high quality smart solutions, proposed by reliable companies with a proven reputation and a high level of digitalisation, involving three areas of action that meet the specific needs of businesses:

  1. Obtaining Liquidity: thanks to two partnerships – one with October, a European leader in social lending, and another with Workinvoice, a leading operator in the advance invoice market – SMEs can obtain the necessary liquidity to meet immediate and unforeseen needs to finance development projects , through online processes... with simplicity, speed and transparency, and without having to provide guarantees;
  2. Reducing the cost of financing: Enel X has identified two partners to ensure entrepreneurs effective access to public funds, eliminating the distances and simplifying the complexities of Public Financing: Crif – a global player specialised in information systems and credit outsourcing – provides an innovative platform that helps to quickly and easily identify the right calls for tenders for each company; while Credit Data Research Italia – one of Italy’s leaders in financial consulting – actively supports companies, following them step by step with all-round 360° advice;
  3. Digitising business processes: Teamsystem, offering management systems with over 1.3 million customers since 1979, has been chosen in this area. The choice of the Cash in Cloud partner enables point of sale digitisation: any tablet can be transformed into a cash system equipped with all the necessary functions for simplifying and improving the management of any kind of commercial activity... from taking orders to processing statistics. Meanwhile, to ensure payment, Paytipper expands its offer with an innovative Pos perfectly integrated with the Teamsystem solution.

ECOSISTEMA IMPRESA provides a clickable world of advantages!
Because Italy will grow stronger as its Small and Medium Enterprises grow stronger: find out more