Drape News


Attention supplier

Following the previous communication, we are now able to provide you with more information on the new Drape tool and its implementation in it’s first rollout, in Endesa and subsidiaries, scope Iberia.

Drape news:

  • Drape will be available for all vendors, avoiding the requirement to own a digital signature, as Drape introduces new features for sending and signing invoices. The only requirement to meet is having an updated e-mail address in the vendor profile or for the invoice issuer.
  • Drape will allow consulting invoice status through an easy-to-use interface, providing a better monitoring experience with a simple, agile and autonomous solution.
  • Access to Drape will be available through WeBUY vendor portal, which is already a known platform for all vendors. It will not be necessary to register into Drape, as access will be already granted through WeBUY, credentials.


There will be no invoice migration from the current 2One portal to Drape. On the day billing starts in Drape, 2One billing functionality will be disabled. A query mode will remain available for further months in order to allow vendors to extract their invoices. We recommend vendors to issue all pending invoices and extract historical information if needed. 


We will continue to inform …..