GLASSDOOR - New 360º overview about business Supplier's relationship with the Enel Group


It is time to interact with the Enel Group in a different way than it has been done until now.

We introduce a tool to track the activities that the supplier carries out with Enel Group. It means that the list of tenders in which the supplier participates, the vendor rating index, the active and finalized contracts, the qualification status or the payment’s status, etc. is available information for the supplier that can be confirmed first-hand.

This new tool is Glassdoor. A new environment to interact with Global Procurement in a more efficient and transparent way, that is, having direct access to the same information available to the Enel Group. Another example of innovation and digitalization of our structure to achieve excellence together.

Glassdoor is one of the Transformation Project initiatives, changing the way of working in the Procurement world, updating and using new technologies available to Enel as well as to its suppliers. The development of this initiative was carried out adopting Agile methodology and involving some suppliers directly in the design phase of the tool.

All that is left to do is to invite you to use Glassdoor, whose access is available through the “GlassDoor” link on the WeBUY home page, once logged into the portal.


Glassdoor manual

Glassdoor – Transformation Project