Thanks to the precious collaboration with the Hydro Business Unit “SUD”, EGP completed the installation of Wireless Stress-Strain Sensors for Shaft Monitoring on the Presenzano group 2 turbine. Presenzano is a pumped hydroelectric energy storage plant (PHES) located in the province of Caserta, Italy, with a capacity of 1000 MW.

The installed sensors monitor the mechanical stress that insists on the turbine’s shaft and are so sensitive that they can measure even the small torsion generated by human force. Being positioned directly on the shaft, the sensors spin at high speed and transmit a huge amount of data to fixed antennae positioned around the machinery. Such solution is derived from the F1 telemetry transmission system, where  driving around the track, cars continuously move out of site of one antenna and come into sight of next one. Once collected, the data are used to perform predictive diagnostic activities, to monitor the operative conditions of the alternator and the turbine, and to verify the effectiveness of O&M interventions.