Open Innovability is officially available outside the Group

Open Innovability is the new crowdsourcing space for ideas devoted to innovation and sustainability. Starting from Friday, 30 June 2017, it is not just an internal platform where employees who would like to suggest business ideas and solutions can access, but it is also public for start-ups, independent innovators, universities, research centres, potential company partners, NGOs and other associations. So, it is open to everyone and inspired by the philosophy of Open Power.

Enel has launched the ‘Call for ideas’ through specific “Challenges” that concern issues of particular interest to the company. The challenges in question are open to everyone, in accordance with the Open Power approach: anyone can read the details of the challenge, but in order to suggest ideas or projects it is necessary to register on the platform.

Meanwhile, “I have a project” is the section designed for everyone, from Enel staff, startuppers, researchers, independent innovators and companies, with an interesting contribution to make which does not fit the criteria of any of the specific ‘challenges’ active at that moment.

Innovability: the combination at the heart of the Group’s strategy has found its home online.

More challenges to come in the next future, open to anyone and in some cases reserved4Enel, and new functionalities.

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