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Innovation and sustainability: the recognised commitment of our Procurement Team


Our sustainable and innovative approach across the entire value chain has been recognised at The Procurement Awards, which every year awards the best procurement practices.


Consistent with our business model, we extend our sustainable approach to all our partnerships.

In our relationship with our partners, we promote synergies to maximise productive, social, environmental and economic benefits, inspired by the principles of the circular economy, combining innovation and sustainability to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Procurement Team is constantly working on researching models, methods and cutting-edge technologies that will allow us to be increasingly competitive in the market, offering the best services to our customers.

This approach results in several innovative projects with the aim of having an increasingly sustainable impact throughout the value chain.


The Procurement Awards 2021

Our commitment to an increasingly sustainable supply chain was recognised at the 6th edition of The Procurement Awards, held on 7 October at the Triennale di Milano and considered to be one of the best known in the industry.

Our Group (currently in its third year of participation in the event) was on the podium five times, winning an award for each of the four finalist projects, as well as the Special Purchasing People Award.

First place in the Cross-Functional Team Purchasing category went to our project "The Automatic Update of the Baseline Tender", launched in 2020 with the aim of optimising purchasing processes and making them more efficient through a standardised methodology.

The second prize in the Competence Development category went to the project 'Procurement Planning & Workload': an integrated digital platform to stimulate the professional development of buyers, track the evolution of their competences and improve the distribution of workloads.

In the Purchasing Innovation category, second place was awarded to the 'Massive DURC' project, which enables the automated acquisition of Single Payroll Documents through a direct connection between our company platforms and the national social security system: the first example in Italy of a complete digitalization of the purchasing process.

Finally, the 'Platform for Electronic Catalogue Purchases with Marketplace-type interface' came third in the same category, also winning the Purchasing People award as the most voted project by the companies taking part in the Procurement Awards. It’s an innovative platform that allows users (typically located in power plants) to purchase components through a special computer interface: a procedure that simplifies processes and also allows stock to be reduced.


A team effort

The new awards, in addition to those obtained the previous years, are the result of a strategy oriented towards innovation and sustainability, as well as the daily effort of our colleagues to put it into practice. "We work every day according to cross-functional schemes, prioritizing sustainability, development of new skills and innovation, which are the foundations of our value chain" commented Francesca Di Carlo, Head of Global Procurement, expressing the satisfaction of the entire team.