A new stage of our journey

Published on luni, 12 decembrie 2016

“We decided to bring Enel’s new personality to the site dedicated to our suppliers, transforming Global Procurement’s Open Supplier Portal into an open, shared, innovative platform. ”

We wanted to create a place where everyone - from the smallest realities with great ideas, to suppliers of materials and services on a global scale - can easily come in contact with the Group and, just as easily, find information on how to start a partnership and achieve common growth.

A place where we can exchange ideas and projects, and start a conversation on how to develop them.

A place to share our values and the experiences that turn them into reality, so to create a common culture among all those who participate in our work.

We believe that collaborative interaction with our partners is essential to learn, to grow, to follow new lines of thought. With your help, the new site will keep evolving over time, making available to all our suppliers increasingly useful and effective tools.

We still have a long way to go together: welcome to the first stage.