Circular economy and the EPD project

Published on Sábado, 10 Junho 2017

The aim of such declarations is to quantify and collate data (water consumption, land, CO2, atmospheric emissions and so on) relating to the entire life-cycle of the products we supply. This has never before been defined in a consistent and comparable way.

This project will allow us to:

  • measure all our various circular-economy initiatives against a common yardstick
  • define benchmarks/KPIs on the goods we acquire so we can define targets for improvement
  • begin monitoring our environmental footprint on topics such as water consumption, land, CO2 emissions, use of natural resources, etc.
  • Assess our exposure to risks of price and supply interruption (based on materials and their places of origin)
  • Bring costs down by monitoring consumption and optimising manufacturing processes


This major project will allow us to be the first to set a benchmark of excellence in terms of the circular economy for products linked to the world of energy, and will act as a starting point for all of the group’s projects that aim to create a more sustainable world.