Sustainibility Questionnaire in qualification process


In Enel, we integrate Sustainability in all the aspects of our business, in order to find new solutions and to create shared value.

Sustainability is a strategic element in the management, in the growth and development of our business and integrate it into our strategies and operational decisions is possible only by involving all stakeholders, internal and external, to pursue the same values.

Therefore, we inform you that from April 2017, Enel Qualification System has been integrated by the introduction of a Sustainability Questionnaire, to which you will be invited to answer with annual cadence, in order to assess your commitment to best practices in terms of human rights and working conditions, health and safety matters, environmental and ethical responsibility (qualified company will be required to answer to it, from January 2018).

We remind you that the periodical check of Qualification Requirements by Enel is necessary to allow your company remain in Enel Qualification System.

For further information see the "Sustainability Requirements" document available in the section Merchandise Group mandatory Requirements, view the list of Merchandise Groups click here.