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Suppliers of Global Infrastructure & Networks - Publication of Supplier Performance Management results


In December 2019, SPM (Supplier Performance Management) was launched on the WeBuy platform. SPM is a process that aims to constantly measure the performance of our suppliers and contractors in various areas to define actions (so-called Consequence Management) consistent with the results obtained during the procurement process and the execution of contracts.

These actions aim to recognize excellence, reducing risks and making suppliers grow together with Enel to implement a sustainability strategy based on long-term shared value relationships.

During 2020, we collected a large amount of performance data, for example: the results of inspections on work sites and production plants of materials, as well as feedback from Enel employees who have had relationships with suppliers.

This data was used to test the model and, starting in July 2021, Global Infrastructure & Networks suppliers will be able to access WeBUY or Glassdoor to view their performance data.

From July 2021, based on data collected in the first six months of observation, the corresponding Consequence Management actions will be activated on priority merchandize groups.


For more information about the process, please consult the relevant section of this Global Procurement portal. https://globalprocurement.enel.com/become-a-supplier/supplier-performance-management

For any doubt you can contact our Help Desk at the following references https://globalprocurement.enel.com/contacts