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Peru Enel Green Power

Professional services of a technical nature

MG Enel Code SPPT10

2020 Q3

Total Amount 3M€

Elaboración de Instrumentos de Gestión Ambiental 3M€

2020 Q4

Total Amount 0M€

2021 Q1

Total Amount 0M€

2021 Q2

Total Amount 0M€

Please note

At the Global level (Global Perimeter) you can see the sum of the value of the tenders common to several countries.

At the single Country level you can see the sum of the value of the tenders for that Country, net of those already reported at Global level.



The page  shows the presumed value (M €) of the total of the main tenders to be launched in the next four Quarters, broken down by Merchandising Group, in a given Country or at a Global level (Global Perimeter).

It should be noted that the data and information provided above are in no way binding on the Enel Group companies and are exclusively for descriptive and informative purposes. In fact, the data and information here published are the result of aggregate estimates of the Group's needs and may be subject to variations.

Therefore Enel does not guarantee their update or integrity and does not assume any responsibility in reference to their publication, use and dissemination by third parties.

The use and dissemination of such data and information by the reader is under their own exclusive responsibility.

It is understood that any tender and award procedure is subject to the terms and conditions provided for by the applicable legislation of the Country of reference.

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