Certified Email (PEC)

“Certified Email (PEC) is a special type of email that allows to send and receive text messages and attachments that have the same legal weight as a paper document sent by registered post.”

Certified emails require the use of high-security mail boxes that can guarantee the integrity of messages and attachments and allow to trace the sender and confirm receipt.

For further information on PEC and how to use it, please visit http://www.postacertificata.gov.it/

To make sure we communicate with our suppliers in a secure and certified manner, we have created a number of company PEC inboxes that simplify and make the exchange of all official digital communications paperless. 

Enel’s active PEC inboxes are listed in the table below: 

CONCERT concert@pec.enel.it
ENEL Spa enelspa@pec.enel.it
DEVAL deval@pec.enel.it
ENEL DISTRIBUZIONE eneldistribuzione@pec.enel.it
ENEL FACTOR enelfactor@pec.enel.it
ENEL GREEN POWER enelgreenpower@pec.enel.it
ENEL LONGANESI DEVELOPMENTS enellonganesidevelopments@pec.enel.it
ENEL ENERGIA enelenergia@pec.enel.it
ENEL POWER enelpower@pec.enel.it
ENEL RETE GAS enelretegas@pec.enel.it
ENEL SERVIZIO ELETTRICO enelservizioelettrico@pec.enel.it
ENEL SI enelsi@pec.enel.it
ENEL INGEGNERIA E INNOVAZIONE enelingegneriaeinnovazione@pec.enel.it
Enel M@p enelmap@pec.enel.it
ENEL PRODUZIONE enelproduzione@pec.enel.it
SELNET selnet@pec.enel.it
ENEL SERVIZI enelservizi@pec.enel.it
ENEL SOLE enelsole@pec.enel.it
enelstoccaggi@pec.enel.it ENEL STOCCAGGI
eneltrade@pec.enel.it ENEL TRADE
vallenergie@pec.enel.it VALLENERGIE

Of course, also our commercial partners must send us messages using PEC and make sure they follow these guidelines:

  • the subject of the email must be clear and summarise the content of the message;
  • the message must include the name of the supplier, their company data, the explanation of the matter and must provide contact details, in case clarifications are required;
  • in order to be readable, any attachments – saved with names that should include the company name and the type of document – must comply with certain technical specifications (they must be supported by Office 2007 Standard version and Adobe Reader 8.1.6; images must be compatible with Windows XP Professional SP3; documents must be compressed using WinZip 9.0 SR-1 and Digital Signatures must be standard format);
  • The documents attached to the application must not exceed 20MB.