“myHome answers the need for simple connections and aims to optimise the access to the Portal’s information and functionalities, becoming the main interaction tool for any exchange between suppliers and Enel’s Global Procurement.”

Once the registration process has been completed and after logging into the Global Procurement Portal, suppliers are redirected to their own page, from which they can access all information about  ongoing activities with Enel and manage, easily and effectively, all the services they have access to.

myHome services allow suppliers to:

  • take part in Tenders organised by the companies within the Group through the Sourcing platform
  • monitor the qualification process, checking the Scouting and/or Qualification requests, make more requests and access all relevant information.
  • modify the company data, directly making changes to any of their company details, from a telephone number or email address to more important data such as, for example, the company legal form, a merge, the sale of a branch, etc.
  • manage the electronic exchange of documents and information in all stages of the relationship:

   - Sourcing platform, to partecipate to the tenders;

   - Vendor Rating index , to analyse the results of their own work, looking at the

     performance assessments;

   - Damasco, to the communications regarding the monitoring activities;

   - Web EDI for payment reviews and work deliveries;

   - SAGA 7 to manage specific relationships, within ENDESA;

   - Drums Management, to manage cable drums;

   - Training Institutes, to provide employee training certifications during the qualification 


   - Company Form, to manage work has been assigned to third parties.


The e-Procurement services available on the Portal are carried out in conformity with current regulations and are governed by the eProcurement Regulations.