Unsafe behaviour continues to be a major cause of accidents.

That's why Enel launched the “One Safety” project back in 2012, aimed at encouraging safe and responsible behaviours characterized by:

  • Strong management commitment, at every organizational level;
  • Implementation of a standard and uniform methodology;
  • Involvement of both Enel and contractor’s employees.

The “One Safety” project involves contractors as well as the employees of subcontractors with the aim of supporting and promoting safe behaviours and correcting the unsafe ones.

The participation of Contractors is on a voluntary basis, in fact it is sufficient for Contractor to sign a Memorandum of Understanding at the moment of the contract awarding or in the course of the execution of the contract.

By implementing “One Safety” project the Contractor company will have access to a monitoring system which can be connected to its own Safety Management System and will be able to use all the project support tools made available by Enel, such as the checklist or the IT platform, accessible through a personal computer or a smartphone.

In addition to this, subject to checks of the correct project implementation made by Enel, the following bonuses will be awarded:

  • Bonus in terms of reduction of the surety;
  • Bonus in terms of an improved Vendor Rating index.

For more information, please contact the following email address:

onesafetyfornitori.AM@enel.com (North America)

onesafetyfornitori.EU@enel.com (elsewhere)