“We welcome anyone who shares our passion and is willing to join this cause: create cleaner and more efficient energy and contribute to a sustainable business for the sake of future generations.”

We involve small local businesses to invest in communities and address the most significant issues in the territories in which we operate in the best possible way.

We join forces with large groups and institutions to create cleaner and more efficient energy on a global level.

With the collaboration of universities and research centres we study the present to plan for the future.

In the “sharing economy” and “open innovation” era, successful and revolutionary ideas can be born in any country and come from anybody. We are aware that innovation is the only way to achieve sustainability, be competitive and meet the necessities of individual consumers and the community.

This is why we collaborate with partners that want to change the world and bring sustainability and innovation to a market in which they want not only to be competitive, but also to create value. A value made of  dialogue and inclusion.

All this, and a lot more, is possible only by bringing together our expertise and what all our partners have to offer, in name of a collaboration aimed at the common good. 

Find out more with our Partnership map.